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History of Heatlink

When it comes to finding bespoke heat interface units, look no further than HeatLink! We take pride in delivering a service like no other, ensuring that you discover the most suitable heat interface units in Leeds. The HIUs are used to control and transfer heat energy to apartments or other complex buildings, have you got yours?

HIUs have countless economic benefits, you have the opportunity to tailor your unit to suit your exact requirements. As with anything, you want to be sure that you’re receiving the best value for your money and what better way to do so than to discuss your specific requirements in further detail with one of our experts?

The bespoke heat interface units are used to supply and control heat to homes and apartments, transferring the heat and hot water throughout the dwelling.

We supply the bespoke heat interface units to accommodate the most diverse needs, making sure that the transfer of heat and water is efficient and accurate to the desired temperatures. You may consider installing one of our heat interface units to your property to improve the overall performance of your heating and hot water.

Our HIUs are renowned for innovative heating and their ability to produce hot water instantaneously!

Searching for the Perfect HIU?

From Bespoke to Standardized to Mechanical and Electronic, we manufacturer Heat Interface Units to fit the needs of any scheme specification.