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Tariff Solution Support

Setting the tariff can in itself be a tricky task to successfully achieve. If you need any assistance here, we have great experience in supporting our clients.

Once you have a gas/fuel contract agreed with your supplier and the system is operational, we can help you work through the plant room losses and system efficiencies in the first year of operation. This is the key to a successful tariff. We utilise existing data collected from a number of similar schemes and analyse typical scheme performances. Whilst it is not normal policy to make a large profit at the expense of your occupiers, the scheme should also not make a loss, so ensuring the tariff right is imperative.

In addition, you may wish to roll in other standing charges and overheads. We can also offer advice here based on our wealth of experience. Once the tariff has been created we will then finalise the procedure by applying it to your bills.

All of our solutions at Heatlink are based on many years of experience, so please don’t hesitate to contact us via one of the methods listed below. 

Additional Services


Heatlink has the ability to read most metered systems. We also have the expertise and technology to manage new and old systems from which data is accurately captured.


We have the expertise, software and security to manage cash collection either by Pre-Payment, Standing Order, Credit Card, Cheque or by Bank Transfer.


Our state of the art billing system has been designed to offer residents the ability to pay their bill via our pre-payment system, thus helping to eliminate debt avoidance.  

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