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HIU Manufacture

The team at Heatlink has more than 20 years of experience in manufacturing HIUs and the company has been providing customers with reliable, quality products since 2004. Every HIU is created to meet customers’ specifications, performance, and cost expectations. We’ve been involved in the manufacture of many thousands of consumer control ‘packages’ for small schemes of around 4/6 dwellings, up to large city wide schemes of over 4,500 installations.

We can provide:

  • Heat Interface designed and manufactured in Sheffield
  • Selected equipment for each scheme is assembled by our experienced, skilled production operatives.
  • Control boards subjected to checks on electrical wiring and pressure tested to the customer’s requirements.
  • Pre-delivery checks, packaging and delivery to the location specified by the customer.
  • All types of consumer control ‘packages’ from basic direct connection units to the application of plate heat exchangers either for hydraulic separation or to create instantaneous mains pressure domestic hot water.
  • Low-cost options for systems where the equipment is located in ducts or roof spaces etc.
  • A white powder painted cover for the finished product to give an aesthetically acceptable finish which could resemble a wall mounted boiler.
  • Control assemblies mounted on all types of domestic hot water cylinders to suit the particular scheme.
  • Larger ‘packages’ such as local heat stations or units to replace hot water storage cylinders / calorifiers with instantaneous mains pressure hot water via plate heat exchangers.
  • All the different types of assemblies manufactured to suit the particular scheme not only in the selection of control items but in the layout of the finished product for ease of site installation.
One Heat Interface Unit
Heat Interface Units Made in Sheffield