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Debt Avoidance

Debt Avoidance

If you have difficulties with clients that don’t pay their bills then we can supply intelligent single-phase pre-payment energy meters that provide real-time and historical information about consumption and accounting in monetary terms.

The electricity meter is installed in the consumer premise with an inbuilt disconnecting relay. The consumer buys electricity in advance by paying at a vending office or purchasing online and their chosen electricity amount is transferred to the meter through a special code. The amount in the meter is then deducted as per the usage and tariff charges. As the amount reaches a low balance an alarm is raised to the consumer via the in-home display, and when it reaches zero it automatically disconnects the supply. To reconnect, the consumer simply needs to be buy more electricity.

The system is designed to cater for consumer convenience. It never disconnects the supply outside of office hours and it offers multiple vending options like recharging through a mobile App, Utility website, Cash card and Wallets etc.

To find out more about how you could eliminate debt issues and offer your customers a convenient pre-payment option, please contact us.

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