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Heat Interface Units London

Heat Interface Units London

Need to know what our heat interface units are? The bespoke HIU London is a heat interface unit that provides heating and hot water in a similar fashion to a combi boiler but run from hot water rather than gas. The HIU provides controlled heating with domestic hot water.

With the HIU, you have instant access to heating, making your property more comfortable. The bespoke heat interface units we supply in London act as a substation for localised control and metering. Any of the heat interface units are designed to provide you with ultimate heating and hot water, can you afford not to invest today?

Here at HeatLink UK, we are the experts when it comes to catering for the needs of both domestic and commercial customers, providing a suitable solution for heating. Our bespoke heat interface units are manufactured and designed to match your exact specification, performance and cost criteria.

The bespoke heat interface units are not only designed to save you money, they’re perfect for heating your home, sustainably, making each room more comfortable.

Communal heating is something that is often required by larger buildings and apartments who need a reliable source of hot water and heating. Here at HeatLink, we have just the solution for efficient distribution of heat and water, why not consider one of the HIUs that we supply?

Our team of experts are always on hand to provide you with any help and support that you require when looking for heat interface units London so be sure to get in touch with us today! Simply call us on 0114 231 3700 to find out more!


Direct Heating with primary heating for Indirect HWS storage unit


Direct Heating with instantaneous domestic. Hot Water via a brazed plate heat exchanger.


Heating and instantaneous domestic hot water via Independant heat exchanger.


Primary heating with heat exchanger for the secondary heating & primary supply to the hot water storage cylinder.