Heat Interface Units

What is a Heat Interface Unit?

Heat Interface Units (HIUs),

The HIU acts as a bridge between the central boiler system of the development and the individual systems of each dwelling. The unit facilitates the heating and domestic hot water across the separate central and individual systems by using one or more plate heat exchangers to transfer energy from a fluid within the central system to the fluid within the individual systems. This is referred to as indirect heating.

Historically, in sites of multiple dwellings, such as social housing, individual heating systems with combi boilers or electric heaters were installed in each property. However, these were associated with various temperature control issues, providing poor quality of care and increased maintenance, as well as cost and environmental issues regarding the amount of CO2 produced per dwelling.

But the use of a centralised plant using Heat Interface Units significantly reduces all of these issues, allowing for the amount consumed by an individual property to be recorded and billed accordingly. It also allows developers to meet the increasingly demanding targets being set on new build developments by the government.

Why Choose a Heat Interface Unit?

In comparison to a traditional method of heating a home through an individual heating system like a combi boiler, a Heat Interface Unit provides instant heating and hot water to each home within a building, or group of buildings, through a centralised group or district heating system. This allows all the occupants within the property to receive temperature control which is not only on-demand but environmentally friendly too due to the use of renewable energy sources to power the heat source.

Because each property is no longer in need of an individual heating and hot water supply, the building designers and engineers have greater room for manoeuvre when drawing up plans for a new development. In turn, this then leads to substantial savings during the eventual construction of the properties.

We provide FREE design assistance and technical advice on all aspects of the HIUs, for operation on both large and small installation contracts.

TYPE 1 Heatlink Bespoke Heat Interface Unit schematic e1548679489615 - Heat Interface Units

Direct Heating with Primary Heating For Indirect Domestic Hot Water Storage Unit

Heatlink Type 2 Bespoke Heat Interface Unit  schematic e1548679314738 - Heat Interface Units

Direct Heating with Instantaneous Domestic Hot Water via A Brazed Heat Exchanger.

Heatlink Type 3 Bespoke Heat Interface Unit schematic e1548679392465 - Heat Interface Units

Heating and Instantaneous Domestic Hot Water via Independent Brazed Plate Heat Exchangers.

Heatlink Type 4 Bespoke Heat Interface unit schematic e1548679455500 - Heat Interface Units

Primary Heating With a Plate Heat Exchanger for the Secondary Heating and Primary Supply to the Hot Water Storage Cylinder.

Type 5000 Bespoke HIU Heatlink e1550075594622 - Heat Interface Units

Primary Heating with a Plate Heat Exchanger for the Secondary Heating and Primary Supply to the Hot Water Storage Cylinder.

Heatlink Brochure Heat Interface Units 300x300 - Heat Interface Units

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