I Have Lost My Pay-As-You-Go Card. What Do I Do?

Please notify Heatlink at admin@hlts.co.uk or call us and we will arrange for a new card to be sent to you. Please note that there will be a £7 charge to replace a lost or damaged pay-as-you-go card.

How Can I Pay My Bill
Heatlink offers five convenient payment methods. Find the payment method that is most convenient for you.
Payment Methods
How much do I pay for my heating?
Your developments management company has appointed Heatlink...
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How often will I receive a bill?
In most cases, Heatlink will have been appointed by...
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Who is my energy supplier?
Heatlink is not an energy supplier. We are a metering...
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Can I change to a different supplier?
Your Management Company will negotiate the bulk energy...
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Can I change to a different tariff?
Heatlink have been instructed by your Management Company...
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How is the unit charge (p/kWh) calculated?
The unit charge includes all of the bulk fuel...
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What VAT do I pay?
VAT at 5% is added to your bill.
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I haven’t received a bill yet, what should I do?
If you are in a property where Heatlink has been appointed...
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What is a daily standing charge?
The daily standing charge (shown either on your bill or...
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How is the daily standing charge calculated?
The daily standing charge (shown either on your bill or
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What is the admin standing charge?
The admin standing charge (if applicable) relates to our fees for the service...
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What is the unit charge (p/kWh)?
The unit charge (shown either on your bill or your pay-as-you-go unit)...
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I can’t pay my bill on time.
You are obliged to pay energy bills within 14 days...
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I can’t afford to pay my bill in full. Can I pay in instalments?
Yes. You would need to call us to discuss setting...
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I have received a bill but a recent payment I’ve made isn’t on my statement?
On occasion a bill may have been produced before...
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My bill is too high. Can you investigate and send me a revised bill?
Bills based on actual readings can therefore...
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I’m unhappy with my tariff and standing charge, what can I do?
Please visit the ‘Understanding unit charges & standing charges‘...
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Can I change the name on the account?
An account is created per apartment, with the leaseholder...
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What are Automated meter readings?
Your property has been fitted with a series of meters...
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What are Non-automated meter readings?
These meter readings are sent to us from various sources...
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Why are estimated reads used?
In instances where we cannot obtain actual meter reads to be used for billing...
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Why are you charging me if you are not a supplier?
We have been appointed by your Management Company...
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I pay another provider for my heat and hot water.
We have been appointed by your Management Company...
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What do I do if I have a problem with my heating and hot water?
Please contact your management company to discuss...
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How to reduce your heating and hot water bills.
We have 8 different methods to help reduce your heating...
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I have lost my pay-as-you-go card. What do I do?
Please notify Heatlink at admin@hlts.co.uk or call us...
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Why is my tariff and standing charge different from those advertised by the main energy suppliers?
The main energy suppliers’ tariffs are based on charging for the direct provision...
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I’d like to change supplier. I don’t want to be with Heatlink.
Heatlink is not an energy supplier. We are a metering, billing and payments...
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I want to make a complaint.
Please contact the office either by...
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