Standard Heat Interface Units

Born from increasing demand, Heatlink has designed two new standard, twin plated, HIU’s which are primarily specified within tower block schemes. As a result, we now offer mechanical and electronic controlled versions that comply with the latest industry standards. For reference, the HIU’s are known as the 3000t (mechanical HIU) and 3000E (electronic HIU).

Both units have been designed to meet the needs of the most typical scheme designs found throughout the UK.

Regardless of whether you are looking for a traditional mechanically controlled HIU or the more modern, electronically controlled HIU, we now offer both options in a standardised unit.

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3000t – Mechanically Controlled HIU

Heating and instantaneous domestic hot water via independent brazed plate heat exchangers.

The compact HL3000t heat interface unit is designed as an indirect transfer unit for supplying heat and fulfils two purposes at once: decentralised DHW heating based on the instantaneous water heating principle and decentralised indirect heat distribution in residential units.

3000E – Electronically Controlled HIU

Coming Soon
June 2019

Magnom H20

Magnetic filter designed for HIU’s

Discover the most effective method of removing ferrous contaminants from an HIU.

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3000t HIU Heatlink Heat Interface Unit 300x300 - Standard HIU
3000E HIU Heatlink 300x300 - Standard HIU
Magnom H20 HIU Magnetite Removal Heatlink 300x300 - Standard HIU
Heatlink Brochure Heat Interface Units 300x300 - Standard HIU

Looking For A Bespoke HIU?

Since 2004 Heatlink has designed, manufactured and installed thousands of Bespoke Heat Interface Units for a plethora of schemes located throughout the UK.

Taconova acquired the business activities of Heatlink

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