“Commissioning is the vital link that ensures smooth operational performance”

We include:

The balancing of the volume flow rates, (necessary to ensure that all areas of the system receive the correct amount of system water) which provide the optimum operation of the dwelling’s heating and hot water system.

The security sealing of the controls to identify any unauthorised ‘tampering’, in particular where meters and Prepayment systems are installed.

The production of comprehensive documentation for the commissioning operation, is vital when looking for system problems or as a start reading for a meter reading system.

Site visits by our fully trained and experienced operatives who have been involved in commissioning thousands of dwellings on many different schemes in all areas of the UK.

Discover our Process

When we commission our Heat Interface Units, we go through numerous different checks. Take a look at our ‘HIU Commissioning Sheet’ to see exactly what’s covered.

Commissioning Brochure

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The Importance of Commissioning

Alan Barber, Technical Director of Heatlink, explores why it’s so important to correctly commission the HIU. Download the full article here.

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