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Why is my tariff and standing charge different from those advertised by the main energy suppliers?

The main energy suppliers’ tariffs are based on charging for the direct provision of gas whereas your development is providing your property with heating and hot water. Your Management Company will be paying a bulk bill for energy (ie. gas, bio mass pellets or electricity) from its chosen energy supplier, which they then turn into heating and hot water in your communal plant room.
The heating and hot water delivered to your apartment has already been through the scheme’s gas boiler and some heat is lost between the plant room and your apartment.
You should also note that in an apartment block with a heat network system, the amount of heat that you need to heat your home is much less than in a traditional house due to the modern way the development has been built. For example, the walls, floor and roof have much thicker and effective insulation. Therefore, your heating bills should be much lower than if you lived in an older building with its own gas boiler. However, this is of course subject to individual heat usage.


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