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Whether you’re working on a large or small development, refurbished or new build apartment, tower blocks, or even a stately home, we have the experience to provide you with the right solutions for your heating needs.

With all new build projects the Developers, Architects and possibly the Consulting Engineers may find themselves in need of assistance in formulating a plan of action so that scheme handover from Developer to Management Company can be achieved smoothly. This assistance may come in many forms. It could be advice provided at the initial planning stage offering a wealth of experience in identifying the most suitable type of system to be adopted. This can progress to the logistics of installing and applying the selected system. Alternatively, it could be later in the programme when you may need Heat Interface Units, meters and on-site commissioning to set up and prove the system’s operation.

We also work closely with our customers to provide advice to resolve issues that may have developed as a scheme has progressed, including the calculation of consumer tariffs based on the costs of the raw fuel purchased, and the efficiency of the schemes.

To find out more about whether we may be able to assist you, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.