Design & Manufacture Bespoke Heat Interface Units. (HIU)

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Architects / Consultants

Architects / Consultants

HeatLink can provide advice and assistance on issues primarily associated with group and district heating systems. We have around 30 years’ experience gained on both new and existing schemes, providing the correct solutions to the problems associated with the control of heat raising plant, pumping and distribution systems, heat interface units, controls automatic meter reading systems, pre-payment systems and consumption accountability.

HeatLink have specialised in the design and manufacture of consumer connections or ‘Heat Interface Units’ (HIU’s) with tried and tested equipment and controls provided on differing dwelling types from low, medium and high rise apartments to houses, bungalows, warden aided and sheltered complexes.

We do not build ‘standard’ units and attempt to make them fit an application. We believe we can offer a tailor-made solution to suit any scheme or overcome location issues.

We can provide design assistance, technical advice, on all aspects of the HIU’s, for operation on both large and small installation contracts.


We can provide:

  • Technical surveys for both new and existing schemes, where an upgrade may be required.
  • Years of experience on schemes equipped with new consumer controls, meters and pre-payment units or automatic meter reading systems.
  • System designs on existing schemes and new designs provided for proposed installations.
  • Guidance on the effects of introducing consumer controls and meters and pre-payment systems on to existing systems.
  • Technical data on the selection of equipment for the consumer control ‘packages’ (HIU’s) which would be designed specifically for each system taking into account the requirements for the consumer and the conditions under which these controls will be required to operate.
  • Assistance in the performance of HIU’s if the system characteristics are changed or if dwelling heating or domestic hot water requirements are amended.
  • Wiring details for the operation of the consumer control packages.
  • Commissioning criteria for each dwelling type and specific commissioning procedures designed for each system.
  • Data on typical consumptions from many differing dwelling types.
  • Data on the efficiency of the heat raising plants and the heat losses from distribution pipe work vital when looking at scheme performances and in the creation of tariffs.
  • Assistance on the installation of remote reading systems by either hard wire or radio transmission.