Type 1000 (Bespoke HIU)

  • This HIU configuration has heat supplied direct from the boiler source providing heating to the dwelling internals and domestic hot water; the detail indicated is Part L1A compliant, however, this is an additional option.
  • Part L1A relates to dwellings that are not open plan and have two independently controlled heating zones.
  • These HIU’s are a compact fully controllable low-cost option. Technical advice is available to discuss options and applications.
  • The HIU can be installed in a number of locations and positions to best suit the scheme.
  • A white enamel cover is provided if required to leave an aesthetically pleasing unit.
  • These HIU’s when equipped with heat meters are suitable for operation on most all pre-payment systems, and also on hard-wired or radio connected meter reading systems.


Type 1000 (Bespoke HIU)


Heating Load (Max):  30 kW
Domestic Hot Water Load (from): 8.5 kW

Primary Flow Temperature (Max): 85°C
Primary Return Temperature (approx.): 50°C

Hot Water Storage Temperature: 60°C to 65°C
Cold Water Inlet Temperature: 10°C

Heating (Max): 0.25 kg/sec.
Hot Water (Primary): 0.277 kg/sec

Hot Water (Honeywell): V4043C or H
Heating (Honeywell): V4043C or H

Danfoss (0.05 to 0.6 bar): ASV-PV

The above performance figures are indicative only and units of differing duties are readily available if required. 

Technical Assistance:

No two schemes are the same! ! !

All Heat Interface Units (HIU’s) produced by HeatLink (Technical Solutions) Ltd are designed specifically for each scheme.

All HIU’s are made to specific requirements as we believe each scheme is unique and our solution often necessitates bespoke units for each individual application.

The components and controls included are specifically selected based upon the operating criteria of the particular system and the requirements of the scheme designer, operator and consumer. Additionally, by designing each board specifically for the scheme considered we can configure the physical size of the unit and layout of the connecting pipe work to assist in the board’s location and installation.

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