Magnom 340x240 - Eradicating the Problem of Magnetite
22 May

Heatlink is helping its customers with a new way to solve the problem of magnetite in water.

For many years, strainers have been used as the main defence against the problem of contaminated waterin heating systems. But strainers don’t stop the problem, and if there’s magnetite in the system then a strainer might not help at all.

Magnetite is created by the action of oxygen on ferrous components and the particles are often so small they can pass right through a basic strainer. This can lead to damage in pumps and other components resulting in product failure. After working with multiple customers who are suffering because of this issue, Heatlink is now offering the MAGNOM H2O.

The MAGNOM H2O is core magnetic technology designed for OEM manufacturers that supply central heating systems within the HVAC sector. It eradicates magnetite from passing into control valves, pumps and heat exchangers and not only extends the life expectancy of key components but also enhances performance.

Phil Harrison, Managing Director of Heatlink, says, “It seemed obvious to me that if we could help eliminate a key problem with a simple fix, then we should definitely be offering it to customers. This low cost solution extends the working life expectancy on sensitive controls, valves, heat exchangers and pumps. It’s easy to install and maintain and is a small product that can provide huge benefits.”

The MAGNOM H2O is exclusively available from Heatlink. For more information, don’t hesitate to contact us.