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Customer Services

Customer Services

HeatLink prides itself on excellent customer services, our referrals are the proof. From the moment you commit to us our role is to make everything run as smoothly as possible.  We will endeavour to obtain as much information as possible prior to going live with the automatic reading system, with the assistance of the developer and contractor.  Once we are aware of new occupants on a site we will write to them, introduce ourselves and assist them with any initial system issues they may have.  When billing commences we are then on hand to either receive payment or discuss bills and issues.  Where there is a debt we will endeavour to work with the occupant to reduce the owed amount and advise them on how to make savings and operate their system more efficiently.

A large proportion of new builds are ‘buy to let’ properties, this finds us liaising with lettings agents, owners and tenants which has become an increasingly large market, but again we rise to the challenge and try to protect the interest of the property owner.

Our role with developers is an important one too.  From the outset, we have to ensure that we are provided with all the relevant scheme information to make the handover to automatic reading a smooth process.  This involves attending meetings, advising and chasing up missing information that will later be of great importance to the whole development.