HVR Awards Heatlink Phil Harrison and Alan barber 340x240 - Customer Service Top 3
16 Nov

Customer Service Top 3

Alan Barber was one of just 3 people to finalise for the Customer Service Person of the Year in the 2018 HVR Awards. Alan, our Technical Director, is dedicated to supporting customers and giving advice out wherever he can. It’s important to him that people always get the best…

Electonic 3000E HIU Heatlink Technical Solutions Heat Interface Unit 340x240 - Introducing the 3000E HIU for 2019
15 Nov

Our First Electronic HIU: The 3000E is our first electronic controlled (twin plate) Heat Interface Unit. Offering indirect heating and hot water supply/control, it will be in production from the first quarter of 2019. If you would like to find out more about the 3000E HIU, register your…

HL3000T Heat Interface Unit Heatlink HIU 204x240 - Coming in 2019
05 Nov

Coming in 2019

We’ve been working hard over the past few months, developing our Heat Interface Units. It’s important to us that we always have the best products that can meet our customers’ requirements. Coming in the first quarter of 2019 is our new mechanical HIU, the HL3000 T. More news…

Heatlink HIU TYPE 3 Heat Interface unit schematic 200x240 - The Importance of a Well-Designed System
02 Oct

Before we can even start to debate what makes a good system, we need to first establish what parts define system performance. The most important thing to consider is the supply and return water temperature from and back to the energy centre. This requirement, along with the HIU…

HVR logo with 2018 website 640x430 340x240 - Award Nomination
07 Aug

Award Nomination

We’re delighted to announce that our very own Alan Barber has been nominated for Customer Service Person of the Year in the upcoming HVR Awards. Alan, our Technical Director, is dedicated to supporting customers and giving advice out wherever he can to ensure that people always get the…

Magnom 340x240 - Eradicating the Problem of Magnetite
22 May

Heatlink is helping its customers with a new way to solve the problem of magnetite in water. For many years, strainers have been used as the main defence against the problem of contaminated waterin heating systems. But strainers don’t stop the problem, and if there’s magnetite in the system…

HIU Service Maintenance Heatlink Client services - The Strain of Contaminants
17 May

 The Strain of Contaminates A few weeks ago I received a phone call from an irate homeowner in Croydon. Within just a few moments I could understand quite clearly why he was so irate. He was having issues with the operation of his heating and domestic hot water systems…

Heatlink How Does a Heat Interface Unit Work HIU 340x240 - How Does a Heat Interface Unit Work?
10 Feb

Heat Interface Units (HIU) are typically used during the construction of large apartment complexes and social housing projects. Here rather than each property or dwelling being fitted with an individual boiler, a central boiler is used to provide heat and domestic hot water to all dwellings. Here the HIU…