Park Hill Flats - Sheffield

Details of Works:

Park Hill is a Grade 2 listed estate and undergoing an upgrade in association with English Heritage. The whole scheme consists of approx. 1000 apartments. Flank A is the first section of this scheme with approx. 260 apartments. Phase 1 is the contract for the first 78 apartments in this Flank. Heatlink have worked in close association with Ashmount Consulting in Denton, Manchester to design, manufacture and supply the first 78 HIU’s for this scheme.  Each HIU consists of ultrasonic heat meters, controls and two brazed plate heat exchangers. The first heat exchanger provides instantaneous, mains pressure, domestic hot water. The second heat exchanger will interface with the reduced temperature underfloor heating system in each apartment.  The heat meters are all connected to an M Bus automatic meter reading system. Facilities are in place should a Smart Card pre-payment system be required at a later date.

The main heat source for the whole scheme is provided by the Sheffield City Councils waste incinerator which produces the heat by burning the city’s refuse. Some commercial properties are available on the ground floor areas and are also to be connected to the communal heating system. Further phases are intended as an on-going refurbishment of the whole estate.


Project Details

Urban Regeneration.

RAD Mechanical Ltd

Park Hill Redevelopment Sheffield.

2012 on-going.

Contract Value:  
£100,000.00 (Flank A Phase 1)

Case Studies


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Park Hill Flats, Sheffield

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