New Festival Quarter London Heatlink Case Studies 403x403 - New Festival Quarter London

New Festival Quarter - London

Details of Works:

Phase 1 of The New Festival Quarter scheme consisted of 250 rented, shared accommodation and private apartments. Heatlink designed the HIU’s in association with the client and consulting engineers. This application mounted the HIU equipment, including the ultrasonic heat meters, directly onto mains pressure indirect hot water storage vessels. This resulted in added space in already congested storage cupboards.

The scheme was fitted with heat meters connected to Heatlink’s MBus automatic meter reading system for private and shared accommodation and a smart card prepayment system for all rented properties (40% of Phase 1). Heatlink’s engineers commissioned, on-site, all Heat Interface Units, smart card pre-payment units and Heatlink’s MBus system.

Project Details

Bellway Homes (Thames Gateway) Ltd.

New Festival Quarter (NFQ). Poplar, East London.

C Watkins Ltd.

2011 – 2012 Phase 1


Case Studies

The Mill South London Heatlink Case Studies Heat Interface Unit 150x150 - New Festival Quarter London

The Mill, South London

Social Housing Heatlink Bespoke HIU Manufacturer 150x150 - New Festival Quarter London

Park Hill Flats, Sheffield

Lightbox Project Manchester Heat Interface Units Heatlink Case Studies 150x150 - New Festival Quarter London

Media City UK, Greater Manchester

The Cube Birmingham Heatlink Case Studies 150x150 - New Festival Quarter London

The Cube, Birmingham

Heatlink Brochure Heat Interface Units 300x300 - New Festival Quarter London

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