Heat Interface Unit Maintenance

Is your HIU functioning at its designed efficiency?  When was the last time a qualified engineer performed the manufactured recommended service?   

Now is the optimum time to get your Heat Interface Unit serviced, making sure that any potential issues are dealt with up front so nothing unexpected crops up when you need your heating the most.

We are the manufacturer of your Heat Interface Unit which generates all of your heating and hot water and therefore we know exactly how it works and how best to service the HIU. We recommend to all residents that ‘planned preventative maintenance’ is the best way to avoid costly problems.

How much will it cost to service/maintain my HIU?

As you’re part of a scheme, we offer tiered pricing depending on how many residents across your scheme want to book in a service.

If you’re the only person to book in service then we calculate that a single visit would cost at least £400 +VAT, however, if 8 or more fellow residents book a service the price reduces massively to just £100 +VAT per household. Therefore it’s important if you want to prepare for winter let us know as soon as possible.

What's Included in the Maintenance?

Our highly qualified engineers will conduct an 18 point inspection of your HIU which includes the following:

  1. Security Seals
  2. Contaminant Strainer 
  3. ‘Electrical Isolation’
  4. Wiring Centre
  5. Heat Meter 
  6. Motorised Valves 
  7. Radiators 
  8. Radiator valves
  9. DHW Storage 
  10. Controller/Thermostat 
  11. Temp Controls
  12. kWh Meter Reading 
  13. Meter Run Hours
  14. Delta T1 measurement
  15. Delta T2 measurement
  16. Water Flow/Volume  
  17. Total kWh measurement 

Additional Benefits

It’s cheaper to prevent problems happening than to rectify an issue when it’s developed

Your service can be planned in advance and won’t take long, but a call out if there’s an issue can come with a delay and can be costly

All component manufacturers recommend that the items in your Heat Interface Unit be checked regularly and this will ensure optimum performance

Increase your HIU Efficiency

Did you know that you could be wasting up to 47% of your total heating output?  Over time, Heat Interface Units lose their original design efficiency due to various components that require routine maintenance.  Take control by booking your maintenance today via the booking form below.