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Payment Collection Solution

Alongside the meter reading service, we can also collect the monies due to the bills issued to the owner/occupier of the dwellings we have invoiced on your behalf. Part of our initial contact with your client involves us sending out an introductory pack to introduce ourselves. Within the introductory pack, we include a standing order mandate form and encourage the occupants to use them as a way of setting aside money in advance for their bills.  Whilst this isn’t compulsory, we strongly advise them to consider using this service. 

For those occupants who wish to pay their whole bill quarterly, we allow 14 days before starting a series of reminder and chase payment letters and emails. Bill payments can be made by the payee either by telephone or by bank transfer, should they wish not to set up a standing order. Monies collected are then held in a dedicated bank account awaiting the client’s requisition. Any bills provided under our corporate image will include the VAT element; we will then be responsible for ensuring that the VAT payment is passed on to HMRC.

Additional Services

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Heatlink has the ability to read most metered systems. We also have the expertise and technology to manage new and old systems from which data is accurately captured.

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Our state of the art billing system has been designed to offer residents the ability to pay their bill via our pre-payment system, thus helping to eliminate debt avoidance.  

Tariff Solution Support Heat Networks Heatlink Client Services 150x150 - Payment Collection Solution

Our expertise allows us to set up or amend any scheme tariff in line with our client’s request. Measuring system efficiencies are key to accurate data and tariff charges.

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