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Prepayment Solutions (Pay As You Go)

For the Control and Avoidance of Debt

If you have difficulties with clients that struggle to pay their bills then we can supply intelligent pre-payment energy meters that provide real-time and historical information about consumption and accounting in monetary terms.

The heat meter is installed in the consumer premise with an inbuilt secure isolating valve. The consumer buys credit/heat in advance by paying at a vending office or purchasing online and their chosen amount is transferred to the meter through a special code. The amount in the meter is then deducted as per the usage and tariff charges. As the amount reaches a low balance an alarm is raised to the consumer via the in-home display, and when it reaches zero it automatically disconnects the supply. To reconnect, the consumer simply needs to buy more credit/heat.

The system is designed to cater for consumer convenience. It never disconnects the supply outside of agreed hours and it offers multiple vending options like recharging through a mobile app, online portal, bank card, cheque or standing order etc.

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How It Works

Liberty Connect, a pre-payment solution for heat networks, and Pipit Display, an in-home device allowing tenant’s to see their balance and energy usage. Operated by Heatlink ‘Client Services’, the system allows tenants to pay only for the heating and hot water they use, rather than paying a set monthly charge based on the size of their flat.

Residents mostly use the smart meter to find out how much credit is left and to see how much heating and hot water they have used.

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Pipit 500 Smart Meter

The Pipit 500 in-home display (IHD) provides the information you need to understand and manage your energy usage. Understanding how you use energy enable to make choices about reducing your consumption and your energy bills while maintaining a comfort level that suits your lifestyle.

Pipit 500 IHD works with your Smart Meter to keep you informed about your energy usage and cost. Pipit 500 communicates wirelessly only with the Smart Meter with which it has been paired, so your data is safe and secure.

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Liberty Connect 100

The Liberty Connect 100 provides usage information for community heating and payment options for any size of district or community scheme.

Liberty Connect 100 acts as a hub within the home, providing two-way communications with the heat service provider, including tamper detection.

The portable multi-function in-home display, residents are able to monitor and control their energy consumption and costs.

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Liberty Connect 100 and Pipit Solution

“The main feature I use is checking how much credit I have and the usage history – checking my daily, weekly and monthly usage… the smart meter has been really helpful – you know how much you are spending and how much you are using. I wasn’t aware of how much energy I was using before, when you pay monthly you don’t think bout that kind of thing… it has also made me more aware of the environment and how much I use – how many baths and showers I have, that kind of thing. I top up online on my Kindle – I top up as I go along, which works well for me.”

Additional Services

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Heatlink has the ability to read most metered systems. We also have the expertise and technology to manage new and old systems from which data is accurately captured.

Cash Collection Client Services 150x150 - Debt Avoidance

We have the expertise, software and security to manage cash collection either by Pre-Payment, Standing Order, Credit Card, Cheque or by Bank Transfer.

Tariff Solution Support Heat Networks Heatlink Client Services 150x150 - Debt Avoidance

Our expertise allows us to set up or amend any scheme tariff in line with our client’s request. Measuring system efficiencies are key to accurate data and tariff charges.

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