Meter Reading, Billing & Prepayment Services

Heatlink Client Services Ltd was established in 2010 as a meter reading and billing company. This has now enabled Heatlink to offer an integrated fit for purpose HIUmeter reading and billing system all from a single source of supply. We have great experience working with a range of clients, not only providing simple to use solutions for meter reading and billing needs, but we can assist with tariff solutionspayment collection or help with debt avoidance through our pre-payment device.

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Meter Reading
& Billing Services

Heatlink has the ability to read most metered systems. We also have the expertise and technology to manage new and old systems from which data is accurately captured.

Tariff Support Client Services 200x200 - Client Services

Our expertise allows us to set up or amend any tariff scheme in line with our client’s request. Measuring system efficiencies are key to accurate data and tariff charges.

Cash Collection Services Heatlink Client Services 200x200 - Client Services

We have the expertise, software and security to manage cash collection either by Debit/Credit card, Prepayment, Standing Order, Credit Card, Cheque or Bank Transfer.

Debt Avoidance Clinet Services 200x200 - Client Services

Our state of the art billing system has been designed to offer residents the ability to pay their bill via our pre-payment system, thus helping to eliminate debt avoidance.