Richmond Park Great Places Heat Interface Unit Heatlink e1551882613347 500x500 - Richmond Park - Sheffield

Richmond Park - Sheffield

Details of Works:

This involved the upgrade of some 300 existing properties.  HeatLink designed, manufactured and supplied the two channel direct connection HIU’s which incorporated ultrasonic heat meters and a handheld radio data acquisition system. The HIU’s were connected to mains pressure domestic hot water storage units and internal low surface temperature radiators. HeatLink provided ‘on-site’ commissioning of all HIU installations. 

Project Details

Great Places Housing Association.

Kinetic Systems Ltd.

Richmond Park District Heating Scheme, Sheffield.

2009 – 2010

Contract Value:  

Case Studies

The Mill South London Heatlink Case Studies Heat Interface Unit 150x150 - Richmond Park - Sheffield

The Mill, South London

New Festival Quarter London Heatlink Case Studies 150x150 - Richmond Park - Sheffield

New Festival Quarter, London.

Lightbox Project Manchester Heat Interface Units Heatlink Case Studies 150x150 - Richmond Park - Sheffield

Media City UK, Greater Manchester

Social Housing Heatlink Bespoke HIU Manufacturer 150x150 - Richmond Park - Sheffield

Park Hill Flats, Sheffield

The Cube Birmingham Heatlink Case Studies 150x150 - Richmond Park - Sheffield

The Cube, Birmingham

Heatlink Brochure Heat Interface Units 300x300 - Richmond Park - Sheffield

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